The beginning, the philosophy and the mission


The name

DK stands for Denmark, which is where I’m located. I’ve always been fascinated by the python genus, so the name DKPythons felt natural. I’ve been using the name since 2005 where I first registered the domain.

The person behind

My passion for animals goes back as far as I can remember. I’ve been surrounded by them my entire life. In my teenage years I grew an interest in reptiles and other exotic animals, and have since then been keeping many different species of lizards, colubrids, boas, pythons, turtles, spiders, scorpions and insects. It didn’t take long before I narrowed down my interests and found big passion in snakes, more specifically in the pythons genus. Since then I fell in love with indonesian and australian pythons. Today my focus and biggest knowledge lays within indo and carpet pythons. Morelia spilota spilota, Morelia spilota variegata, Morelia spilota harrisoni and Apodora papuana in particular, have a special place in my heart.


When it comes to pure subspecies versus morphs mixed by different subspecies within the Morelia spilota family, I’m more of a purist, but admire beautiful morphs with a diverse and mixed gene pool as well.

I will always keep my diamond pythons 100% pure and can track lineage many generations back. In some cases back to when the origin animals left Australia. Same philosophy goes for other subspecies stated as such. I put pride in growing my breeding stock from handpicked animals from trusted sources, with as much lineage background as possible, what ever specie or subspecie I may be working with.

In addition to be working with pure subspecies of carpet pythons, I also work with morphs of mixed subspecies. For example, I have several albino projects in the making.

In short, all animals produced by me will be labeled respectively as pure or mix and will come with lineage and genetic background information.


My mission is to breed some of the best looking pythons out there by following my philosophy stated above, as well as selecting top tier animals for my breeding stock, from the best lines and bloodlines available. I’m a strong believer in selective breeding.


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Paul Sørensen